Vegetarian and vegan dietary requirements when dining

According to a recent report by Lumina Intelligence, vegetarian and vegan dietary requirements when dining at restaurants continue to grow for main course dishes, increasing to 25% vegetarian and 16% vegan in share of overall main dishes . Health benefits, increased animal welfare concerns and the environmental impact of meat and dairy are all driving an increase in consumers opting for meat-free dishes, meaning restaurants menus are adapting to account for changing consumer habits when eating out.

At Restaurant Associates we are proud to prioritise the environmental impact of our operations as reflected in our recent top rating for the Food Made Good programme. Our restaurants offer a wide range of vegetarian, plant-based and plant-forward dishes to ensure our guests changing needs and tastes are met. We champion a number of sustainable campaigns such as Meat-free Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, Waste free Thursdays and Sustainable Fish Fridays.

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