We are passionate about not only ‘doing the right thing’ but making it easier for our guests to make ‘planet-friendly' choices.

We are putting in the work towards our long-term and ongoing goals of reducing our carbon footprint minimising food waste curtailing the impact that our supply chain has on the environment and being transparent about where our ingredients come from.

By using the best-quality seasonal ingredients sourced responsibly from local suppliers we are creating a better experience for our guests the community and the environment.

Committed to a net zero target by 2030

We are proud to be the first food service business in the country to commit to a climate Net Zero target and economy.

We have been making radical changes to ensure that sustainability is a core business objective across all services. They include the launch of a seed investment fund of £1 million to support the development of carbon reduction and sustainable food production innovation.

As a business we are looking to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions of at least 55% by 2025 and at least 65% across our operations and value chain by 2030 from a 2019 baseline.    

Restaurant Associates sustainability pledges

Over 90% of our fresh produce is sourced locally in the UK
We have a British-first sourcing policy on all fresh produce and we are proud to have invested in many longer-term partnerships
All our fresh eggs are British free-range or organic
All our meat, dairy and poultry is Red Tractor farm assured
We only use pole and line-caught tuna, which is a sustainable fishing method used to catch tuna, one fish at a time
All our fresh and frozen prawns are Marine Stewardship Council certified
We avoid all fish that is caught illegally and by environmentally-damaging fishing methods.
We only use fish which is Marine Conservation Society certified 1-3
All of our berries are UK grown, fresh in season or frozen
We only use British-harvested rapeseed oil in cooking
We celebrate English sparkling wines
All our cooking chocolate is Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance-certified
100% of our milk is sourced in the UK and is either certified organic or British Red Tractor farm assured
We adhere to responsible soy certification standards as laid out by Round Table for Responsible Soy (RTRS)
Our coffee beans are delivered packaging free via Ernie
Our decaf coffee beans are sustainably and organically decaffeinate
We are committed to serving only 100% Arabica coffee from farmers who are paid a fairer wage
Our tea is ethically and responsibly sourced and plastic free
We are committed to a net zero target by 2030
Our nominated charity is Fareshare who are a charity network aimed at relieving food poverty and reducing food waste in the UK
We audit all of our suppliers regularly to ensure we only use the highest quality produce
We prioritise suppliers who have carbon-neutral accreditation such as Judes ice cream and Toast Ale
Our bottled and canned water is Life who fund clean water projects across the globe through every drink sold
We work with over 20 social enterprises from Divine chocolate to Lemonaid to help raise funds for community projects
We offer KeepCups in our cafes, a sustainable alternative to disposable cups
We are committed to using reusable and sustainable packaging wherever possible
We have eradicated the use of many single-use plastics such as straws, stirrers and cutlery

Committed to climate Net Zero