Our wellbeing offer called Ways to be Well is an evidence-based health and wellness programme that aims to demystify conflicting advice surrounding our physical and mental health with scientific fact; making it easy for people to understand what ‘being well’ really means. 

The programme

The programme provides greater opportunity for guests to look after themselves throughout their day. Nutritious, biodiverse, seasonal menus are supported by nutrition seminars, sleep tutorials, exercise inspiration, stress reduction and mindfulness techniques.

Our nutrition and culinary teams work with external specialists such as Nuffield Health and Mental Health First Aid England accredited partners to ensure the programme continues to be as inclusive and progressive as possible.

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Seasonal and local provenance

Working with the ethos of seasonal and local provenance, our team have developed carefully crafted menus that are rich in whole foods, including a variety of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and energising pulses, nuts, and seeds.

The recipes have all been nutritionally analysed so guests can make informed choices.

Ways to be Well

Ways to be Well represents a market-leading offer based on a culture of positive eating and nurturing self-care to benefit our clients and their teams. Our plant-forward philosophy means the vegetables, fruits, pulses, whole grains nuts and seeds are the stars of the show, underpinning all of the menus.  Sustainably sourced meat, dairy and fish also feature on occasion.

The Ways to be Well menus cover everything from breakfast through to conferences and include a range of healthy snacks to enjoy throughout the day. Many of the menu items are also available as a grab and go option too.

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As a Registered Nutritionist, it is very exciting to work on a programme that successfully brings together years of scientific evidence on nutrition, food and lifestyle and be able to offer this to our guests to help support both their physical and mental health.
Luxey Dayanandan, BSc (Hons) RNutr, Head of Wellness and Nutrition, Restaurants Associates