Celebrating Chef Appreciation Week

Our people – especially our great chefs – are the heart of our company and our industry. Chef Appreciation Week is our industry’s opportunity to recognise our chefs and culinary teams for their extraordinary dedication, creativity, and passion - meal after meal and to thank all of the people behind the food we serve.
In 2013, Donald and Lisa Crutch co-founded Chef Appreciation Week to honor and recognise all those serving in the culinary industry for their dedication, love of food and willingness to serve their community. In 2018, Compass Group USA partnered with the Crutch family to celebrate Chef Appreciation Week in its cafés and restaurants nationwide.
When Donald Crutch passed away unexpectedly in 2019, Compass Group pledged to carry on his legacy with a commitment to launch a global campaign, which is now celebrated across 30+ countries.
A huge thank you to the dedicated members of our culinary teams.

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