Great things together through the pandemic

We are approaching the two-year anniversary of the first lockdown, and during this time we have tracked how thoughts and attitudes towards the office have morphed, and how a flexible and scalable service for the future is paramount.

Key trends we have seen so far within the wider hospitality industry are;

· Menu management being utilised to mitigate challenges. Menus are -18% smaller than pre-pandemic levels as operators look to minimise disruption to kitchens and consumers amid labour and supply challenges.

· Inclusivity is front of mind for menu development. Customisation has increased across menus by +38% year-on-year, with operators leveraging customisable dishes - including Itsu, burgers, pizzas, and burritos to appeal to wider audiences.

· Sustainability efforts ramp up as a growth opportunity emerges. Almost half (48%) of dishes across menus now feature a sustainability claim including vegan, which accounts for 39% of claims.

· Technology is underpinning mega trend evolution. The use of tech and apps (37%) and demand for delivery (33%) have been identified as the most important trends, driving convenience, experience and responsible consumption.

· Consumers are more aware of the impact of their food and beverage choices. Brexit and heightened consumer expectations are expected to see more businesses investing in vertical farming.

It is critical that we look ahead and plan a better, more inclusive future that reflects our clients and community needs.

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