Head of Wine, Stephanie Robertson DipWSET hosts a round table

At Restaurant Associates we are proud to have a trailblazer in our ranks, our Head of Wine, Stephanie Robertson DipWSET!

A few weeks ago, Stephanie was invited to join a thought-provoking discussion at the Harpers Wine & Spirit Magazine round table, diving deep into the No and Low Alcohol category alongside some remarkable peers.

Stephanie is an advocate for exploring this under-tapped market, and we couldn't agree more. Under Stephanie's expertise, we've curated an impressive low & no list that spans from sparkling teas to non-alcoholic sparkling wines and delightful no-alcohol wine cordials. 

As a team, we're all in agreement - it's time to change the game, make it fresh, and be truly exciting when it comes to our beverage offerings. Let's raise a toast to innovation!

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