Holistic perspectives make it to the Cateys awards

We are delighted to announce that our Head of Wellbeing and Nutrition, Luxey Dayanandan RNutr has been nominated in the Cateys, Foodservice Cateys and the Food and Drink Federation Awards for her outstanding contribution to wellbeing and nutrition.

We caught up with Luxey to ask her about her work? Luxey says, “I have been working in partnership with a collection of wellbeing experts and chefs to develop 'Ways to be Well' as our response to tackling employee and guest wellness in both its physical and mental capacities. Ways to be Well is an evidence-based health and wellness programme with five key pillars; nutrition, mental health, physical activity, mindfulness and recovery that is publicly available online at www.waystobewell.co.uk as well as instore across our cafes and restaurants.
We continued by asking about what the programme includes? Luxey says, "The programme is devised from a holistic perspective and includes menus that have been designed from a nutritional perspective. We work with reputable partners within the health and wellbeing industry such as Nuffield Health and their wealth of expertise on activity and fitness and how best this can help support our clients and customers within the programme. I have created an activity calendar for the programme that ties in key public health campaigns, we also have a number of webinars, Instagram lives and educational resources available. The programme included training for all front of house teams to ensure all staff are able to understand the key principals of the programme and have resources to help support them explain this to customers in a consumer-friendly manner."

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