Learning and development experiences from our our amazing associates

As part of Hospitality Apprentice Week 2021, we spoke to some of our amazing associates about their learning and development experiences. We asked Sonny Lee, Head Chef of hospitality and brasserie kitchens in Canary Wharf his thoughts around undertaking our Level 4 apprenticeship scheme.

Sonny says “After hearing about it from our Head of Culinary that I could get the chance to work alongside Marcus Wareing and other top chefs from across Compass I had to apply. To be able to share knowledge, experiences and other ways of working plus gaining a level 4 qualification at the same time is what drew me to this scheme.”

What have you learnt so far as part of the course?
“I’ve already learnt a lot on this course from new ways to rework food waste, foraging, learning how to extend the season of products using fermentations and ways to be more plant forward when designing my menus.”

Why is continuous learning and development important to you?
“From the beginning of my journey in the food industry I’ve always wanted to get to the top, so anything that comes my way in terms of development I jump at the chance. I am also passionate about teaching others so the more I learn the more knowledge I can pass on.”

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