Meet our new Eco Labels

Helping you make planet-friendly choices.


LEAP (Livestock, Environment and People) is a four year project from the University of Oxford and aims to understand the health, environmental, social and economic effects of meat and dairy production and consumption, in order to provide evidence and tools for promoting healthy and sustainable diets. Eco Labelling is the first part of our partnership with the LEAP team, where we are testing the influence of environmental impact labels in the workplace.


Food choices are a key driver of environmental impacts, with up to one third of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions linked to food systems. We are therefore adding A-E "Eco Labels" to some of our food, in order to highlight which meals have a higher or lower environmental impact, to see if we can encourage customers to choose more sustainable and planet-friendly meal choices. 


The Eco Label values for each product were created using environmental impact data from the University of Oxford dataset and menu item ingredient information. Labels are produced based on per 100g of each product (not per portion) and the values combine data for each menu item across four environmental indicators: greenhouse gas emissions (‘GHG emissions’) scarcity weighted freshwater withdrawals (‘water scarcity’) land use related biodiversity loss (‘biodiversity loss’) eutrophication potential (‘water pollution').


Within each indicator, products were ranked based on percentile and to arrive at a total environmental impact score, the values were combined across indicators. The team at the University of Oxford summed the 1-100 values for each indicator across all labelled menu items. A = 1-20, B = 21-40, C = 41-60, D = 61-80, E 81-100. Choosing a low score means your carbon footprint is lower. 


Keep an eye out for the new labels coming to a restaurant near you soon.


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