#MissionToAMillion - our new social mobility commitment

We are excited to announce our new social mobility commitment - #MissionToAMillion!

Our ambitious goal is to provide support to one million people by 2030 through jobs, training, community engagement and development.

The Mission to a Million commitment will see our parent company Compass Group UK & Ireland provide support to one million people, from both within and outside the organisation, by 2030 to enhance their opportunities and change their lives through job creation, education, training, community and charitable engagement.     

Opportunities include:

- Providing work through skill development, entry-level schemes and promotions.

- Outreach to schools and communities to provide access to work placements and opportunities.

- Working with communities and social enterprises through the introduction of volunteer days.

- Promoting healthy eating habits for the next generation.

Compass Group’s flagship Compass Group Academy, which is set to open next year, will provide further opportunities for skills development. Compass has also set new targets to improve diversity across the company. The commitments include ambitious gender, ethnicity (with specific targets on Black representation) and the industry’s first socio-economic representation targets. These targets are set for the executive and leadership team, middle management, junior management and frontline workers. 

Robin Mills, Managing Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland said:
“As an employer of around 45,000 people, we know that we have the ability to make a real difference not only to the lives of our own employees, but also the communities in which we serve. Hospitality is well placed to bring down barriers that exist in relation to social mobility. You can join the industry and be trained on the job. We are committed to investing in our employees and also working to support disadvantaged groups. I passionately believe that whatever your background, you should have the opportunity to progress and build a career. I believe our programme is a significant step forward to achieve this”. 

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