Our incredible partnership with Harvest London

We are thrilled to share our incredible partnership with Harvest London and their remarkable journey towards sustainable farming. 

Currently, Harvest London produces an impressive 6 tons of fresh salad and herbs per year in their small East London vertical farm.

In 2025, their new facility will open, and it's set to be the world's most technically advanced vertical farm, aiming to produce a staggering 1,800 tonnes annually! 

We've been working closely with Harvest London for over a year now, and we had the privilege of visiting their farm to gain insights into their operations.

This visit has further fuelled our commitment to a collaborative future with Harvest London, with the integration of future crops into our menu offerings.
In 2022, we started sourcing basil and mixed leaf salad from Harvest London, and as they expand in 2025, we plan to strengthen our partnership by increasing the proportion of herbs and salads sourced from vertical farming.

Vertical farms provide a controlled environment where every element, from light and humidity to growing substrate and water, is optimized for ideal growing conditions. This eliminates the need to import salad and herb crops, reducing our dependence on seasonality. Currently, 55% of UK produce is imported due to limited land availability and weather conditions.

Harvest London is not just innovative but sustainable too! They are B-corp certified, and sustainable practices are at the heart of their business. Vertical farming has the potential to drive positive environmental change, including reducing the proportion of land used for agriculture. This, in turn, reduces freshwater usage and water course pollution from fertilizer runoff. The land freed up can support rewilding, carbon sequestration, and increased biodiversity.

If you would like to join us on our journey towards a greener, please contact Mark Connell. Let's make a positive impact on our environment together!

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