Putting Midlands on the menu: the importance of local sourcing in food supply chains

As consumers demand greater transparency and sustainability in their food choices, local sourcing has become an increasingly important aspect of food supply chains, which is why At Restaurant Associates, we are committed to putting Midlands on the menu.

Our commitment to local sourcing is not just about supporting the local food economy, but also about reducing our environmental impact and giving back to the community. We are excited to introduce you to some of our key suppliers based in the Midlands, who are not only passionate about producing exceptional food but also about making a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Worcester Produce, one of our key suppliers, has been cultivating an exceptional variety of fruits and vegetables for over 40 years. Its farms are just 40 miles from the centre of Birmingham, meaning they can offer the very best of local Midlands produce to many of our clients in the region. Worcester Produce works together with a network of other local suppliers to expand its range and support the Midlands food economy.

We also work with Harvey and Brockless, who supply us with their speciality foods and commodity dairy. Behind their products are fantastic relationships with their producers: traditional cheesemakers, olive growers, artisan curers, and food innovators whose expertise create memorable food experiences time again. Harvey and Brockless also pride themselves on their strong partnerships with small local and regional producers, partnering with many small farming families to bring their great produce to market, embedding authenticity in the heart of their business.

Flying Cows Burgers and Colombo Street are two fantastic local street vendors that we partner with for exclusive pop-ups and tasting events. Their commitment to using local ingredients and sustainable practices aligns with our own values and mission.

We actively seek out and onboard new small and local businesses to create a local supply chain that is agile and cost-effective. If you are a small and local business in the Midlands area, we would love to hear from you.

At our company, we believe that local sourcing is not just a trend, but a way of doing business that benefits everyone involved. By supporting the Midlands food economy, reducing our environmental impact, and giving back to the local community, local sourcing not only benefits our clients but also helps build a more sustainable future.

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