Restaurant Associates on a mission to reduce food waste in supply chains

Over 7% of what’s grown in the UK never makes it to a plate according to WRAP. That is more than £1.2 billion worth of perfectly decent fruit and vegetables going to waste and landfill each year. The squandering of nature’s bounty drives us crazy which is why we work with Waste Knot and their network of farmers to use unwanted large or small pieces of fruit and vegetables within our seasonal menus.

Our senior chefs recently visited one of those farms to learn about their ethical farming techniques and naturally to taste some of the fantastic produce.

Our Head of Culinary Ben Harman says “It was really powerful to learn about some of the sustainable farming practices that Waste Knot farms use such as crop rotation techniques, responsible water management, regenerative farming and fertilising the land through natural composting methods. We are looking forward to further strengthening our relationship with Waste Knot to deliver more sustainable menus.”

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