Sustainable food services for a international financial institution in Birmingham

Restaurant Associates is proud to provide food services for a major financial institution located in Birmingham, UK. With six units on site, including a social enterprise coffee shop, Starbucks, restaurant, hospitality catering, vending, and a university center that hosts employees from all over the world for training, we're equipped to cater to a diverse range of needs.

Our global reach

As part of a global contract, Restaurant Associates is responsible for ten regional sites worldwide, including the global headquarters in London. With a maximum capacity of 2500 and fluctuating daily between 500-1200, our team is equipped to cater to high-level meetings and events, including those with directors and high net-worth clients.

Adapting to changing needs 

With the recent addition of a call center, we have adapted our menu to offer budget-friendly options, with a rotating weekly menu and attractive offers to drive foot traffic. Our street food offerings have also been a hit during evening events and community-driven festivities, such as the commonwealth games and Birmingham pride.

Commitment to sustainability

At Restaurant Associates, sustainability is at the forefront of our operations. We are proud to partner with Let's Feed Brum, an organisation that supports individuals experiencing homelessness by collecting packaged items that are about to expire. On average, we donate around 100 sandwiches per month to this charity.

We also work with Winnow to minimise our food waste on-site. Our efforts have paid off with only small amounts of waste, such as offcuts and vegetable peels. All other waste is either donated to Let's Feed Brum or reused. In December, we wasted 26kg of food worth £77, but in January, our food waste was significantly reduced to 19kg worth £14.

Additionally, we have launched the Regional Lead initiative, which brings local suppliers together to showcase their sustainable offerings and cost-saving solutions to our clients. We also operate Eco Labelling and have committed to reducing plastic usage and implementing recyclable packaging. Our team is even installing hydroponic farms, or vertical farms, to further support our sustainability efforts.

Promoting healthy and mindful eating 

At Restaurant Associates, we believe in promoting healthy and mindful eating. Our Ways to be Well plant-based food offerings are a popular choice among our clients. Our SHINE training program has received positive feedback from employees, and our dedicated management team has been able to maintain a strong and thriving workforce, even during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Giving back to the local community

Our team has established strong relationships with the well-respected UCB food college, and we think outside the box when it comes to recruitment, using local forums and groups to attract and retain the very best to serve your teams.

Cutting edge technology

With 50% of orders placed through our mobile ordering solution, we can see the demand for technology is growing among consumers and so it is important to be at the forefront of technology in the food services industry. As leaders in our industry, we work closely with cutting-edge technology including frictionless serving and robotic cooking to provide our clients with the best resources to overcome future challenges and meet the needs of employees.

Committed to continued growth and success

At Restaurant Associates, we are proud to serve this major financial institution in Birmingham and look forward to continued growth and success in the future. With our focus on sustainability, healthy eating, and giving back to the community, we're committed to creating a positive impact in all areas of our operation.

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