Tackling single-use packing at Oliver's restaurant

Single-use packing is a huge concern in today’s world and one that we at Restaurant Associates UK is looking to change. We explored the average consumption of single-use disposables for one person over the course of three months. With that person being in the office 3 days a week, based on current participation rates and ATV. This showed they would on average consume over 96 coffee cups, 64 takeaway containers and over 144 pieces of single-use cutlery.


Late October we introduced a new scheme to the restaurant at Oliver’s to help combat this problem, through a new partnership with a company called CauliBox.


Who are CauliBox?

CauliBox is the Uk’s first reusable container scheme, where you can order your food into a reusable container to takeaway and then return to a drop-off station once you have finished your food. You are then able to start the process over again when you go to order your next meal. Thus, eliminating the need for single-use disposables. Further to this we made available a range of reusable coffee cups, water bottles and mental reusable cutlery packs for customers to purchase and leave at the office.


From launching this initiative just under 2 weeks ago, we have seen a fantastic uptake in the scheme. With more customers wanting to make a conscious change to their lunching habits and help do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint. We look forward to watching this programme go from strength to strength and significantly reduce our need and reliability on single-use disposables.

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