The future of food

We asked our consultant chefs about what the future of food will look like? In the video below are some of their thoughts and insights about which trends and factors will be reshaping menus going forwards:
Celebrity Chef Jason Atherton says “The most important question in the food industry right now is: how sustainable are we? 30% of my business is plant-forward and plant-based… Consumers are more aware of their food and its journey … and sustainable and plant-based diets are now part of our everyday lives.”

Luxey Dayanandan - Head of Nutrition and well-being says “Gut health will continue to be a prominent topic in the food industry. In terms of nutrition, consumers now expect businesses to cater for their individual lifestyle goals and modifications… The expectation of being able to cater for personalised diets will become more prominent when dining out.”

Celebrity Chef Dipna Anand says: “Businesses must keep up with the new trends in plant-based and plant-forward diets as more consumers will become plant-forward in the future.”
Award-winning chef Steve Groves says: “Whilst not completely eliminating meat products, it is necessary for chefs to get creative with plant-forward recipes to ensure delivery is at a high standard and at the heart of what the consumer wants.”

Ben Harman – Head of Culinary says: “We must adopt a targeted approach to responsibly sourcing local and British ingredients. Consumers want a cleaner and “slicker” eating experience.”

Our consultants agree that consumers are now more aware of the choices they can make to achieve a more sustainable and plant-forward lifestyle. This will continue to redefine the way in which Restaurant Associates operate to achieve a greener and healthier future through the likes of our new ‘Good for you Gut’ menus by Ways to be Well, ‘Plant-forward hospitality menus by Steve Groves’ and ‘Field Tray’ seasonal British menus.

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