Unleash your business potential with integrated services: how a comprehensive solutions provider transforms your operations

As businesses strive to outpace the competition and deliver extraordinary experiences for clients and employees, the need for agile and efficient solutions becomes crucial. A comprehensive solutions provider can offer a tailored suite of services to meet your organisation's unique needs, enabling you to tackle shared challenges and create a seamless experience for all stakeholders. Let us dive into how partnering with an integrated services provider can propel your business forward and position you as the hero of your own success story.

Success Story: Empowering a Leading Professional Services Company

Consider a leading international professional services company seeking to adapt to the dynamic work environment. By partnering with Restaurant Associates, a comprehensive solutions provider offering top-notch contract food services and a range of complementary services, they effectively tackled these challenges head-on.

Embracing the New Ways of Working:

In response to the evolving work landscape in 2020, the professional services company needed a flexible and adaptive solution. Restaurant Associates and Rapport collaborated closely to develop innovative new roles, such as Guest Service Ambassadors and Workplace Services Ambassadors, focusing on agility and adaptability.

These new roles encouraged team members to take on broader responsibilities, including tasks once assigned to Head Chefs and Catering Managers. The result? Enhanced skill sets, improved performance, and numerous sites earning 5-star ratings for food hygiene from the EHO (Environmental Health Officer).

The Guest Service Ambassador (GSA) Role: A Catalyst for Team Performance

The GSA role is a hybrid that merges reception and hospitality assistant duties, allowing for a fluid approach to shifting work practices. Introducing this role in your organisation can lead to a multitude of benefits:

  1. Flexibility in roles, allowing for seamless coverage of various responsibilities
  2. A cohesive team approach
  3. Cost-saving on labour
  4. Skill enhancement and knowledge expansion among team members
  5. Efficient management through one team (Rapport)
  6. Personalised learning and development plans
  7. Strengthened peer support through increased regional interaction
  8. Greater internal visibility due to movement across offices
  9. Adaptability in embracing new tasks

First Line AV Support: Crafting Exceptional Client Experiences

In addition to front-of-house and hospitality services, Restaurant Associates provides first-line AV support for all meeting rooms. This prompt assistance significantly reduces client wait times for help in case of any issues during their visit, elevating the overall experience.

Choosing a comprehensive solutions provider like Restaurant Associates enables your organisation to rise above shared challenges and streamline operations. Through inventive roles and integrated services, you can seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing work environment and deliver exceptional service, putting your business at the forefront of success.

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