We are proud to be partnered with such Hej, our fantastic coffee supplier, for many reasons...

We are proud to be partnered with such a fantastic coffee supplier that is dedicated to meeting their sustainability goals and support in ours at Restaurant Associates. Hej have made the switch to 100% renewable energy at their roastery, warehouse and cafes, their electric fleet and cargo bikes are all fully charged using renewable energy.

They are working hard to make even more savings through a balance of reducing carbon and also continuing to use off-setting schemes while they work towards our SBTI (science-based target initiatives) accreditation they are committed to and on track to reach net-zero but more impressively towards their ambition of being a CARBON NEGATIVE COMPANY.

What are the stats?

In 2021, we ordered a total of 10,974.20kg of coffee to date. This means a total of 10,975 coffee containers have been saved by using reusable delivery canisters. 
Coffee is also delivered in 6x1kg cardboard boxes. Through the use of reusable canisters, this means a total of 1,756 boxes were saved via’ orders this year.

Currently, Hej managed to make 75% of their delivery journeys by electric van. This means of the 597 journeys made for our deliveries this year, 448 were made by electric vehicle (at an approximate journey length of 7,369km). This equates to a saving of 3T of Carbon.
Furthermore, the electric vehicles are charged by renewable energy, meaning the carbon emissions are 0gCo2/km, celebrating a full saving of Carbon!
Hej is very excited about the arrival of their new electric van in 2022 to help drive this carbon saving. 
Our partnership with Ernie

In 2021, Ernie has delivered a total of 556kg of coffee to date. This means an additional total of 556 coffee bags have been saved. Based on the same container/case calculation, it also means a further 112 boxes were saved via Ernie this year.
Working on the same average journey length as Hej, Ernie completed 254 journeys this year; 100% of which were made by cargo bike or electric vehicle. At an approximate total journey length of 4,333.24, this is a saving of a further 1.7T of Carbon. 

Through using Ernie we have saved a total of 11,531 coffee bags and 1,868 boxes from landfills this year.

Our Head of Coffee and Community Sonia had this to say:
‘Community is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about making a positive impact not only socially, but also environmentally. Our partnership with HEJ coffee has enabled us to make real industry-leading changes to our coffee supply chain and remove packaging waste entirely!’

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