Crispy pork belly, hispi cabbage, buttermilk dressing

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Download our crispy pork belly, hispi cabbage, buttermilk dressing recipe by clicking the link below. 

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Serves 4.

Pork belly:
1kg pork belly
150g unsalted butter
30g fresh sage
5g salt
150ml olive oil
300g potato

Hispi cabbage:
½ hispi cabbage
400ml wqater
80ml white wine vinegar
25g caster sugar
2 cloves garlic
Pinch of salt

Buttermilk dressing:
70ml buttermilk
5g fresh parsley
5g fresh mint
5g fresh chives
10g crispy onions
Pinch of salt

Adults need around 2000Kcal/8400kJ a day
Typical values per portion: Energy 913Kcal/3800kJ

  1. Blend the fresh sage with the butter.

  2. Ensure that the pork skin is nice and dry, score the skin of the pork and then season all over. Spread the sage butter over the flesh side of the pork belly and then cover in foil so that only the skin is left exposed. Place the belly in a tray and bake at 150°C for 2 hours.

  3. Make the mash potato with butter and olive oil.

  4. Heat the oil in a pan big enough to hold the belly and pan fry the skin to puff. Alternatively rub someoil on the skin of the pork and return to the oven at 240°C until the skin is puffed. Allow to rest before cutting into portion slices.

  5. Heat the mash potato and pipe onto one side of the plate.

  6. Hispi cabbage: Bring the water, vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic to the boil and then allow to cool. Cut the hispi half lengthwise wash and drain, submerge the cabbage in the brine for 2 hours. Remove from brine and steam for 8 minutes

  7. Buttermilk dressing: Chop the herbs and mix through the buttermilk along with the salt. Dress the cabbage with the buttermilk dressing and finish with crispy onions.

  8. Pork sauce: Roast the pork bones at 180°C for 30 minutes or until well coloured and deglaze the pan with a little water. Cook the shallots in the butter until well caramelised, drain off the butter, add the bones to the shallots along with the herbs. Add the wine and reduce until syrupy. Add the stock and simmer for an hour. Strain the sauce and reduce until a light coating consistency and deep flavour.

  9. Place the hispi cabbage and buttermilk dressing on top of the potato. Place the pork belly on the other side of the plate and pour the sauce in the middle