Jalapeno later

Delicious cocktails to make at home.

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Serves 1.

25ml Malawi Moto infused
Bruxo x Mezcal
15ml Cointreau
½ fresh jalapeno, sliced (can also
use a green chilli)
30ml lime juice
15ml agave syrup or sugar syrup
3 sprig of thyme

1 sprig thyme
2 jalapeno slices

  1. Prepare your Malawi Moto Tea infused Mezcal - 2g Malawi Mountain Moto Smoked Black Tea to Mezcal and infuse for two hours and strain.

  2. Chill a tumbler with ice.

  3. Add all your ingredients to your shaker with ice.

  4. Shake well to make sure you release all the jalapeno flavour.

  5. Add some ice to your tumbler and dump (not strain) everything into it over fresh ice.

  6. Garnish and serve.