Pride pina colada

Delicious cocktails to make at home.

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Serves 1.

50ml Malibu Rum
80ml coconut cream
30ml pineapple juice
10ml lime juice

Yellow - 5ml turmeric
Green - 10ml matcha
Blue - 15ml butterfly pea matcha
Orange - 10ml turmeric
Red - 10ml Tea Pigs superfuit tea
Purple - 10ml Tea Pigssuperfruit tea and
blue matcha

Pineapple piece

  1. Chill the pineapple glass with ice.

  2. Prepare your colours in separate containers – the colour and a small splash of water, mix
    till smooth.

  3. Add all ingredients and your chosen colour to your blender or shaker.

  4. Fill with ice.

  5. Blend or shake for 30 seconds.

  6. Pour (blend) or strain (shake) into a pineapple glass.

  7. Discard the ice and pour straight into the glass or strain over fresh ice.

  8. Garnish and serve